My Story

My name is Nedma Santiago my experience with PCOS started when I Had my first menstrual at age 8, not knowing about periods with pain cramping along with the sight of the blood at a young age is very scary. By the time I reach age 12, the shadow under my chin started to show with a few hairs popping up along with that I began to experience pelvic pain as I ran or play sports.
As I got older more changes in my body began to appear with more cramping, bloating headache. My periods started to get shorter but more frequent, that's when the depression and anxiety hit me hard. By age 24 I had a Go-T and was overweight. My BMI was 46 and being bullied by my family for being different.
I was really at my lowest at this point when I went and spoke with my doctor and told him the symptoms he flat out told me I think you have PCOS after some tests we confirmed it. PCOS I have no clue what that means, how did I get it? I'm I going to die, is it contagious, is there a cure. What can I do? With so many questions and minimal answers.
The only thing he told me was to lose weight and take Glucophage, and it will help me with my hormones. That was a scary time for me in my life. And I promise I will do whatever and can to help and spread awareness to as many people I can.